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           Gwo Lian Machinery is specialized in R&D, design and manufacture of wire drawing machine and auxiliary equipment, for example, pay-off machine, acid pickling-free combined wire rod phosphate derusting machine, small hole type wire drawing machine, Roller type wire drawing machine, recoiling machine, take-up machine and so on, including such metal wires as high/medium/low carbon steel, bronze, stainless steel and alloy steel.
            Gwo Lian Machinery can offer metal wires, production process, plant equipment and technology transfer services, including personnel training, technical specifications, product standards, technical aid, production line and plant flow planning, etc.
            The company has attached importance to R&D for years and successively developed several patented products. Gwo Lian Machinery sold over 3800 sets in 2005. We are looking forward to serving you again.


    Guolian Mission 

    Reduce industrial pollution pollution、Leave a piece of pure land for the next generation

    Innovation, inheritance, sustainability

    Guolian Culture

    Heavenly reward、Diligent

    right way、Perfection、Transformation、Application、Conducive to the public

    Business philosophy

    Carbon reduction、Pollution reduction、Emerging Technologies、Sustainable resource

    Create customer benefits and value

    Create shareholder profit  resources

    Create employee wealth  happiness

    Create manufacturers symbiosis and common prosperity

    Operating strategy

    Create a winning environment:
    See the current environment、
    Honestly face your own set goals、
    Perform the key to success

    Quality policy
    Not create Not out rejects
    once complete
    Beyond customer satisfaction

    Future vision
    Fighting for the first place in Asia and in the world
    Marketing international 50 or more countries
    The financial platform of the counter is rapidly expanding


    Established Jisheng Iron Works to start ship mooring manufacturing and parts processing。 
    Increase the ten-speed shifting parts of the bicycle, high-speed wave dewaxing casting, one of only three in Taiwan。
    Increase the production of mechanical sanding machine and cloth machinery。
    Started wire and cable related machinery manufacturing, wire drawing machine, stranding machine, polymerization machine, copper smelting furnace, vacuum annealing furnace, extrusion machine。
    Started the design and manufacture of carbon steel wire drawing machine, and sold the first generation vertical wire drawing machine to Central Asia Welding Materials Company。
    Received the export order of #1022 screw wire factory in Taiwan listed company。 
    Chen Zhihong, the current general manager of the chairman of the board of directors, returned to the company, began planning the development of the company's blueprint for the last ten years, established the management organization structure and promoted the standardization project at the beginning. In the same year, he received the CO2 welding rod extension machinery from Taiwan Sinosteel welding consumables company。  
    For the first time, it was directly exported to Malaysia Chengda Company (created by Taiwan Fengpeng Company), and the East-West Asian market began to develop, which laid the market position and the beginning of expanding the international market in the future。  
    Selling to the Ghanaian state of West Africa and developing the African market is a very special and interesting experience. Developed acid-free combined disc type iron film machine DS-C150。  
    Developed the second generation of combined disk unit to remove the iron film machine DS-C150. Acquired the investment of Taiwan Jinhe Company in mainland China (Jinyi Company) #1022 screw line factory, laying the status of carbon steel screw wire。  

    Held a new product launch conference for research and development results, and sold the mechanical press conference for the first time in Taiwan’s cable industry to sell it to Shirei, a springboard for the development of the European market

    Launched research and development results New product presentation, announced the release of the fourth generation of storage line vertical continuous wire drawing machine。
    Developed the roller flower stretching machine, thus establishing the position of the steel mesh market, and also began to develop the roller set using the roller set。
    Developed a mode automatic take-up machine. Promote ISO-9001 T.Q.C national quality control activities。

    Developed a fully automatic Panyuan delivery heading machine and held a press conference to shorten the pre-operation time of 30 minutes to 4 minutes。 
    The beginning of sales to Brazil and the development of the South American market。 
    Developed the first generation of straight-through continuous wire drawing machines and held new product presentations. For the first time at the Dusseldorf Wire Exhibition in Germany。 
    Developed a stainless steel special-line lubrication coating machine and obtained orders from Dongwei Company's mainland factory, laying the foundation for the stainless steel market。 

    Developed stainless steel special-line lubrication coating machine and obtained orders from Dongwei Company's mainland factory, which laid the foundation for the stainless steel market and received orders from Japan's SUMITOMO Group SUMIDEN Company, the semiconductor line direct-drawn continuous wire drawing machine, which made the Japanese very satisfied. our products


    Developed a multi-wire automatic wire take-up machine for annealing stainless steel wire rods, laying the foundation for the stainless steel wire market。

    Developed multi-line non-stop supply line and take-up reel。

    The first application in the country through the environmental protection technology park, the land is about 1600。


    Acquired CE safety certification, and obtained the certificate sales to Spain, the beginning of the development of the European market。

    Sale to Europe BESEL WHEEL specializes in automotive screw manufacturers such as BENZ, BMW, VOLVO。


    Promote the T.Q.M comprehensive quality management system, and at the same time, the ISO-9001 application certification was passed。
    Participated in the American Wire Rod Exhibition in Atlanta, USA, and the direct-drawn roller stretcher was released in the United States。
    Received orders from the American I.T.W Group PASLODE straight-through continuous wire drawing machine, which made Americans very satisfied with our products. Through the environmental 


    Complete the design blueprint of the straight bar drawing machine for the sample and change the design stage, and prepare to launch the market after trial production.。

    In September, we will first enter the new factory of the environmental protection technology park to carry out the initial trial production。


    C.H.Q#1022 screw wire plant equipment and technical output, assist customers in logistics planning, cost analysis, etc. to provide more yuan services。
    Developed a pre-strength steel wire straight-type continuous wire drawing machine (1000m/m wire drawing machine) to start counseling internal control nine cycle management system, * to better quality management structure

    Zhejiang Jiashan Factory was established in China - "Jiaxing Guolian"。
    Developed APO/ASV-46+TCD-1200W-46 model。
    Won the ECFA Taiwan First Brand Award。
    Developed a vertical high-speed roller flower stretching machine (720M/Min)。

    Developed SPCD-2000 automatic shaft change, trimming and hanging line unmanned operation design

    Won the "Global Chinese Enterprise Model Award" and "Golden Extract Award" Excellent Manufacturer and Product Award


    TCD-900, TCD-1200 horizontal wire drawing machine (new design automatic hydraulic clamp) new product launch。
    Developed alloy steel rough drawing process, acid-free spheroidizing annealing new process, and obtained invention patent。

    Cooperate with Industry 4.0 system to develop a new generation of intelligent equipment and intelligent system connection。

    Development of roller wheel industry 4.0 smart manufacturing system。
    New inverted HCD automatic hydraulic clamp。


    Developed a new type of inverted roller set wire drawing machine (20mm-10mm) - automatic hydraulic clamp series
    Research and development of new technology - alloy steel wire is free of annealing, free of 2 pickling direct extension lines, wire industry begins to enter the era of micro-pollution and low energy consumption


    Growth process

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